Why Men Should Be Wary of Shemales

Shemales are transwomen with female secondary sex characteristics and male genitalia. If you want to meet a transsexual woman, you can read this article. You’ll find out about the characteristics of Shemales, their appearance, and whether they make good matches for heterosexual men. It’ll also explain why men should be wary of dating Shemales. If… Continue reading Why Men Should Be Wary of Shemales

Problems With Shemale Porn

Shemale porn is a subgenre of adult sexual content featuring transsexuals with massive cocks and enormous breasts. This type of pornography is a favorite of transsexuals and straight men alike. However, it has its detractors. It is often derogatory and overdetermines transgender by physical sex. In this article, we’ll explore some of the problems with… Continue reading Problems With Shemale Porn

How to Identify a Shemale

What are shemales? Basically, a transsexual who combines male genitalia with female secondary sex characteristics. These men have female-like breasts and other female secondary sex traits. Shemales are also referred to as ‘transwomen’. Read this article to learn more about Shemales. You may be surprised to learn that these transsexuals have been around for centuries.… Continue reading How to Identify a Shemale

Shemale Porn is a Favorite of Straight Men

Shemale porn has long been a favorite of straight men. Their reasons for liking it might vary, but they keep visiting porn sites in droves to watch it. And that’s not likely to change anytime soon. The following article explores some of the reasons why straight men enjoy shemale porn. It’s not just transgender women… Continue reading Shemale Porn is a Favorite of Straight Men

What Are Shemales, Gynandromorphs and Trannys?

Transsexuals and shemales are not the only creatures of the animal kingdom. Transvestites, Gynandromorphs and Trannys can also be considered “shemales.” In this article, we’ll cover a bit of background on each, and discuss the differences between transsexuals and shemales. You’ll also learn what they are and how they are different from hermaphrodites and asexuals.… Continue reading What Are Shemales, Gynandromorphs and Trannys?

Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures

The main focus of shemale porn is fucking, of course, but what makes the sexy creatures so special? After all, they have dicks and tits, and they’re always willing to share them with you! Shemale porn is the preferred choice of straight men who don’t think much of their appearance. If they did, they wouldn’t… Continue reading Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures

Shemales in Thailand

A recent article in The Observer has made headlines for its description of transgender women as “shemales,” a term that has been used in the sex industry since the mid-19th century. The term has become a derogatory epithet for transgender women with male genitals and female secondary sex characteristics. However, the term has stuck around,… Continue reading Shemales in Thailand

Why Shemale Porn Videos Are So Popular With Straight Men

If you are a bi-curious straight man, you’ve probably been watching shemale porn videos. But did you know that shemales don’t have the same sex-attraction qualities as straight men? And that’s not even the worst part! In fact, shemale porn is very popular with straight men as they’re the number one consumers of the material.… Continue reading Why Shemale Porn Videos Are So Popular With Straight Men

Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures

Shemale porn is a form of transgender sex that involves depictions of transgender women as aggressive, sexually active, and generally disgusting. While this kind of pornography may not be a new genre, the term “shemale” has been around for decades. The term is often used to make fun of transgender people who choose to use… Continue reading Shemale Porn Videos and Pictures

What Is a Shemale?

Many women don’t realize they are transgender, and may not even know what the term shemale means. The term is actually a modern slang for a transgender person. The term originated in the mid-19th century, and it is still used today. While a woman may be referred to as a shemale, shemales are not female.… Continue reading What Is a Shemale?